You’re in charge of your future – Rev. Laura – 01.05.19

You’re in charge of your future

Daily Inspirational Message – 01.05.19

You're in charge of your future - Rev. Laura - 01.05.19

Rev. Laura Shackelford

As you begin the new year, it’s a good time to contemplate and remember, that what you contribute to today can set the stage for a different kind of year from this day forward. It’s funny how life works, sometimes, your smallest choices. The ones that you might make this day, can set an emotion, a chain reaction that could bring you great joy.

Watch today how you move through the day. What you think, say, and do will actually create that chain reaction to cause enormous positive changes in the rest of your life. Or you can continue to do what you always do every day and have the same outcomes.

What do you want the new year to bring? Those changes that you start today, as you move through this day can start that chain reaction and be a new habit for the new year. You’re in charge of your future. The choice is yours. Have a fabulous day.

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